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Suning Announced the Acquisition of Inter Milan: Inherit the Glory of the Past, Create the Glory of the Future

2016-06-28 15:17:39

On June 28 in Milan, Italy -- birth land of Inter Milan, Suning  held a press conference.

This is the second official announcement of Suning to European media, club members and local fans after Suning announced in Nanjing on June 6 that its Suning Sports Industry Group acquired about 70% stock of Inter Milan with a total consideration of approximately 270 million Euros via subscription for new stock and acquisition of old stock. This also marks Inter Milan’s official entry into Suning era.

Zhang Jindong, the chairman of Suning Holdings Group, and Erick Thohir, current chairman of Inter Milan, attended the conference. Zhang addressed a speech with the theme of “inheriting the glory of the past, creating the glory of the future” and showed confidence in Inter Milan’s future. He said, “With the spiritual inspiration of Mr. Massimo Moratti, support of the Nerazzurri, Suning's sustained investment, and hard-work of the management team, Inter Milan will regain its glory and create new success in the future.”

Suning will adhere to and carry forward the tradition of Inter Milan

Founded in Nanjing, China in 1990, Suning established branches in more than 600 cities in China, US, Japan, etc. Suning is China's biggest commercial enterprise and Internet retail giant. Inter Milan is one of the top European clubs with a great history of one hundred years. Inter Milan has a glorious history with 3 European Champions League Champions and 18 Serie A champions.

How can a 26-year-old young enterprise run a club with a history of one hundred years? How does afar-away company in China guide an Italian and European top football club?

Mr. Zhang Jindong answered the questions in his speech. He -said, “Inter Milan firstly belongs to Italy, Europe, but definitely also belongs to the whole world. Suning’s entry into Inter Milan is the integration of -Suning in Italy into Inter Milan rather than a Chinese company takes over Inter Milan.” He said that, “Our experience in entering more than 600 cities in the world teaches us that only by integrating into local area and becoming a local enterprise can an enterprise become successful.”

Meanwhile, he expressed to all the fans of Inter Milan that Suning will adhere to the following three principles:

Firstly, stick to professional management principle. Football is an art of team sports, and scientific and professional management is the premise for sublimation of this art.

Secondly, focus on Serie A- and European Champions League. No matter what kind of international dream Inter Milan has, the main battlefield is in Serie A and the main target is to win the European Champions League.

Thirdly, insist on the belief of basic input. Inter Milan will continue to follow the road of steady development, including the development of youth training system , basic training and the cultural development of the club.

Inter Milan’s target: lead in Serie A-and European Champions League

The positioning  of a football club is vital, which determines its development target and future pattern and governs its specific operating strategy. Thus, the fans are very concerned about the positioning of Inter Milan by Suning.

Mr. Zhang also made clear that the goal of Inter Milan is to maintain a leading position in Serie A- and European Champions League. Success in European--thefootball center is just thesuccess of  the world level with high standard that Inter Milan needs and also just the success standard of Suning’s sports industry and football career.

Zhang Jindong ’s confidence comes from three aspects. Firstly, Inter Milan has one hundred years’ cultural sedimentation and a world-class professional management system. Secondly, there are enthusiastic nerazzurri fans, world-renowned football stars and coaches who have served and led Inter Milan, and spiritual leaders like Mr. Moratti. Thirdly, Suning’s entry brings persistent and hard-working corporate spirit and innovative, and diligent working attitude, and the fact that six industries and global market of Suning can provide capital and resources for Inter Milan.

Mr. Moratti, who has once led Inter Milan to gain the glory and been honored as the spiritual leader of Inter Milan, has the same much of confidence in Inter Milan. In a recent interview, He said, “I have high expectations on Suning and long for Inter Milan’s regain of the top.”

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