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Suning Real Estate focuses on the intelligent development and operation of contemporary urban spaces. As a smart real estate operator promoting industry transformation, it is also the largest commercial chain and the best real estate owner and management company. The brand value of Suning Real Estate was ranked in the top 20 of China real estate enterprises, top 10 in commercial real estate enterprises with comprehensive strength, and top 5 in real estates with superior operation capability. Suning Real Estate creates an integrated innovative real estate business chain covering three development programs: commercial real estate, city town and residential real estate. By leveraging Suning Holding Group’s experience in retail and O2O operation, and using the Internet, Internet of Things and big data technology, it is leading the formation of shopping malls, luxury high-end hotels and property management. Suning Real Estate’s development plan is to build 50 Suning Plazas, 300 Suning.com Plazas and 100 luxury hotels in the future.