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Shanghai International Film Festival Brought to a Successful Close with the Support of PPTV Television

2016-06-20 11:26:36

On June 19, the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival lowered its curtain. Liu Ye won the best actor award for his role in Cock and Bull and Naomi FUJIYAMA won the best actress for her role in Projects. Thus far, this visual feast has been officially ended.
During the fierce competition - over ten days, actors and actresses were busy with the promotion of their films. As the official partner, PPTV television enriched the festival. It served as the special television for film censorship room of judges and take photos of stars on red carpet. Moreover, in the Internet film VR show, PPTV provided different types of televisions and offered audiences cool and fascinating sensual experience. PPTV gained the new media exclusive copyright of Warcraft and launched limited amount of Liverpool customized televisions. A series of actions indicated PPTV television would cause a shock in this industry.
During this movie festival, PPTV television took a very important position  in 6.14 PPTV Home Internet Strategy Conference. With the theme of “common shock”, which marks its win-win cooperative attitude, PPTV combined with several strategic partners to develop the Home Internet industry. PPTV television is just the core hardware basis of PPTV’s Home Internet industry. On the conference, Yin Yu’an, Vice President of PPTV and General Manager of Home Internet Division, introduced PPTV’s planning and development in Home Internet business and declared six trump cards of PPTV in big screen business, which also declares that PPTV televisions will have more content resources, especially movie copyrights and other super IP.

PPTV television will win the market with outstanding edges

Under the background that smart televisions have become a terminal product with huge development space, in the future, more and more diversified services will be derived from smart televisions. Contents will be an important aspect in the competition of smart televisions market. As the No.1 hardware basis of PPTV, PPTV television with the core competence of contents will win the competition by outstanding edges.
Firstly, PPTV television enjoys the strong Home Internet team of PPTV. This team has completed knowledge structure and experienced professionals in licenses, video website, TV manufacturers, and Suning channels. Besides, the leading content resources are a strong support for PPTV television to win the competition. PPTV television has 3,000 films with legal copyrights , more than 100,000 series, 80% brand variety shows at home and abroad, 20,000 animations with copyrights, abundant sports events and gold travel channel, which can meet the requirements of wide audience. Besides, PPTV continuously introduces super IP resource, which makes PPTV television a content resources leader in the industry. For example, the joining of super IP resource like Warcraft with super high box office satisfies the watching demand of users on theater blockbuster.
Moreover, PPTV television enjoys the channel support of Suning. The cooperation between Suning and PPTV is upgraded again. Tao Jinghai, Executive Vice President of Suning Brown Goods, announced in the press conference on June 14 that Suning.com would cooperate with PPTV and television manufacturer partners to establish an open strategic cooperation. Suning will build a new industry form of “content + vendors + channels” by making full use of its online and offline resources and preferential policies with the help of PPTV’s strong contents services. Both parties set the target of 2 million brand televisions PPOS system cooperation, 5 million brand TV vector-based video cooperation, and 15 million brand TV APK pre-assembly cooperation, and declared to launch the plan of exclusive sales of brand televisions with the pre-assembly of PPOS system in 2017.

Refine operation contents, integrate supply chain

Moreover, with the integration of resources from the whole industry gathered by PPTV, new blood will be injected into PPTV television. The joining of more than 30 strategic partners from various fields of the industry are working with PPTV, including three-net partners i.e. telecom operators, cable TV and Internet, seven television manufacturers i.e. Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, etc., three application markets i.e. Dangbei, Shafa and 7po, and VST, and the mainstream film application service provider, makes PPTV becomes more competitive in the supply chain for them. Yin Yuan, Vice President of PPTV, said, “PPTV will continue to develop more users in the special network market by providing high-quality contents and conducting refined operation.”
It is worth noting that the license holder CIBN becomes an important partner of PPTV, and for thisPPTV becomes one of few brands that can provide high-quality contents service in all channels, and then increase its advantage in competition of contents service. For example, along with the cooperation with CIBN, PPTV launched CIBN PPTV sports, the first and only genuine sports TV client in the market. It will be the strongest fulcrum of cooperation between PPTV and other partners. With the exclusive Internet copyright of Warcraft in May 19 Strategy Conference, the cooperative partnership with more than 30 companies in June 14 Strategy Conference as well as joining of the heavy player Suning.com, we have full reasons to believe that PPTV television will get more high-quality TV and movie copyrights and bring more surprises to the market in terms of content services. As the core hardware support of the PPTV Home Internet Market No.1 Strategy, the deep cooperation with Shanghai International Film Festival is the first implementation of PPTV’s strategic target of “TOBE NO.1”.

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