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With retail in its genes, face to the era of Internet, Internet of things and big data, Suninghas continued to promote O2O reforms, whole-category and omni-channel operations, and global expansion. By launching logistics service, data service and financial service via the cloud, and through the use of different consumer-facing channels: POS, PCs, mobile devices and household terminals, Suning has proudly delivered an ubiquitous one-stop service experience to its consumers. In 2016, Suning.com bricks-and-mortar layout covered over 600 cities at home and abroad with nearly 4000 self-operated stores and service stations of Suning Cloud Store, Suning Life Plaza, Suning Direct Store, Suning Supermarket and Redbaby Stores and Suning Community Store. For its online platform, Suning.com now ranks as the top three Chinese B2C platforms through self-operation, third-party platform and cross-platform operations. In 2017, Suning saw its brand value reach 193.275 billion yuan, ranking 13th on the list of China's 500 Most Valuable Brands and cementing its position as the top retailer.