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Remarks by Chairman


In 2015, Suning was 25 years old. For an enterprise dedicating itself to centennial development, we are stepping into our youth.

Within 25 years, we have developed from a 200m2 franchised store into one of the largest non-state owned commercial retail enterprises in China. Meanwhile, retail business is becoming the strong engine to power our synergetic development across multiple industries.

With the advent of the Internet, Suning people delightedly embarked on the entrepreneurial journey again. After six years of exploration and practice, we blazed the unprecedented trail of O2O development! With the established Internet retail pattern and competitive Internet retail CPU, Suning fully shares its core capacities and enters alliance with Alibaba and Wanda to build up a brand new industrial ecosystem. This attributes to the hard work of Suning people!

Any transformation rests upon people, awareness, knowledge and ability after all. Along with the diversified development of Suning, the “Corporate Culture Reshaping” project was carried out in 2015. We optimized and upgraded the corporate culture accumulated in the era of chain development by resolving the conflict between new and old concepts during the transformation period, clearing up the impetuous social atmosphere as well as inheriting and innovating Suning’s corporate culture in the era of Internet.

Revolved around users’ demand, we expanded our reach into different industries under the guidance of the mission of “Leading the Industrial Advancement in Creating High Quality of Life for All”. We have determined our new vision of “Global Suning Built to Last” in international development; we have conducted win-win cooperation by sharing capabilities, pooling resources and building platforms in operation; we have completed the corporate’s development blueprint based on personal undertaking with our diligence and competence at work. We will continue to inherit the corporate spirit of “Persist, Strive, and Never Give Up” to scale another peak and create new miracles in the Chinese commercial history.

In the new normal state of Chinese economy, substantial retail industry is facing severe challenges of low growth rate and negative profit. In 2015, the top hundred national major retailers witnessed a 0.1% year-on-year decrease and also the 4th consecutive decrease. But meanwhile, we also recognize that there are many beneficial factors for the growth of consumption: first, structural reform of the supply front is promoting consumption upgrading; second, new-type urbanization is releasing added consumption potentials; third, the emerging consumption modes and focuses are on the rise including tourism, leisure, culture, etc. I believe that as a pioneer in transformation, Suning would lead the industry by taking advantages of the reform.

No matter how far we will go, we always stick to the concept of being a social enterprise to contribute to the society and practice social responsibilities. In 2015, we innovatively applied retail CPU to poverty-alleviation to combine Internet and poverty alleviation. In the years to come, Suning’s public welfare will make great strides forwards in sports and entrepreneurship and contribute more positive energy to the society.

Remain kind and stay young. In 2015, Suning spoke out its youth manifesto with aim to assist young people in entrepreneurship, sports, entertainment and life consumption in an all-round way.

Young Suning is bursting out the vigor of youth. A new journey has just started…