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Suning Sets New Single's Day Record with Omni-Channel Orders Increased by 76%

2019-11-13 05:21:00

Suning.com ("the Company"), a Fortune Global 500 retail company and China's largest online-to-offline (O2O) smart retailer owned by Suning Holdings Group, published Single's Day shopping festival data with purchasing orders increasing by 76%, a new record. After the establishment of full-scenario retail layout, Suning aims to provide a better service and fast delivery for consumers through Singles' Day shopping festival.

Highlights of Suning.com's Single's Day Shopping Festival:

  1. On Nov. 11th, over 13,000 brick-and-mortar stores took part in the shopping festival, Suning Plaza and Suning.com Plaza had 10 million visits to stores.
  2. As a new member of the Suning family, 210 Carrefour China stores achieved revenue of RMB 3.12 billion, an increase of 43%, online orders surpassed 2.04 million.
  3. Suning.com jointly partnered with Hunan TV to hold a national television gala, inviting many Chinese celebrities and achieving the first position of television audience rating nationwide.
  4. During the promotion of Single's Day, Suning.com attracted more than 500 top global brands and 1 million new VIP customers.
  5. Home appliances and 5G smartphone online orders increased by 79% and 459%.
  6. Suning Finance also saw an outstanding growth with orders increasing by 139% and installment transactions grew by 498%.
  7. Sales volume from Suning.com Retail Cloud Store, which is mainly focus on tier-4 to tier-6 cities in China, increased by 1032.9% compared to last year, demonstrating a strong growth in the market.

The Chairman of Suning Holdings Group, Zhang Jindong said "it is a different Single's Day shopping festival for Suning. We are not only focusing on the price promotion, consumer experience has become more important. We have already witnessed the progress of the immersive shopping experience we brought to consumers. The Single's Day is just a beginning; we will keep continuing our best products and services to create a more consumer-friendly shopping environment."

The establishment of full-scenario retail will better serve new generations by providing premium quality products, amusement and convenient consumption. The integration of online and offline shopping experience will become the prospective trend to boost Suning's development.

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