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Suning Partners with CEIBS to Boost Corporate Transformation in the Digital Economy

2018-07-05 10:51:12

NANJING,China,July 5, 2018 -- Suning, the commercial giant ranked second inChina'stop non-state-owned enterprises and owners of Suning.com, a Fortune Global 500 retail company, today announced its partnership with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). The two parties signed a wide-range agreement to conduct joint research on innovative business models, strategic management, and digitalized operation to boost corporate transformation for future development.

Meng Xiangsheng (left), Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer of Suning.com and Ding Yuan (right), Vice President and Dean of CEIBS, attended the event

Suning and CEIBS will jointly work on the Suning Research Group under the "China-Europe Digital Economy and Smart Enterprise Research Center", focusing on in-depth case studies of smart enterprises and supporting corporate transformationtowarddigitalization.

Fang Yue, professor of CEIBS, believes that Suning's Smart Retail has two key words:"smart" and "technology". He said, "Suning's past ten years of experienceindigital transformation will not only benefit Suning's future growth but also provide valuable experience for companies who are lookingattransformation and innovation solutions for further development opportunities."

Strategic cooperation with the top education institutions embodiesthesuccess of Suning's Smart Retail strategy and its valueasa good case study in the industry. In 2009, Suning took the lead in the practice of Internet-based transformation among traditional domestic retail enterprises, embracing Internet technology through marketing transformation, channels innovation, online-to-offline (O2O) integration, and platform openness. The success enables Suning to stand ready to capitalize on the opportunities in the new era of retail, and take advantage of emerging business and profit models to super-charge its growth and development in the future.

In the meantime, Suning and CEIBS will cooperate on employee training and talent recruitment.Wang Gao, professor of Marketing at CEIBS, said, "The main product of CEIBS is education. Therefore, we are willing to help build the talent base for Suning and do our best for the long-term development of Suningemployeestraining and recruitment."

"CEIBS is a leading and world-class business school inAsia. Since its establishment it has been committed to the research of cutting-edge business inChina, helping Chinese enterprises to innovate and transform to better embrace theopportunitiesbrought by upgradedmarket needs. As the leading O2O Smart Retail company, Suning has witnessed and participated in the transformation ofChina'sretail industry. "The two parties will cooperate to jointly explore industrial development and contribute our practical experience and insights to industry peers,"said Meng Xiangsheng, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resource Officer of Suning.com.

Suning established the Suning Smart Retail Research Institute in 2018, focusing on research of the re-engineering of technology inthe retail industry.

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