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Six Industrial Layouts Show the Extraordinary Scene;The Grand Opening Ceremony of the First Suning Cinema on July 9

2016-06-30 11:51:04

On June 9, Suning Plaza located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, held  a grand opening ceremony. The first Suning Cinema, subordinate to Suning Cultural Creativity Group was unveiled. It is reported that Suning is expected to build more than 200 Suning Cinemas in the next 5 years.

Suning Cinema is located on the 6th floor of Zhenjiang Suning Plaza, covering large-proportion humanity space of over 3, 000 square meters. The first Suning Cinema has five 5-star international standard cinema halls holding nearly one thousand viewers, among which the panoramic sound and video hall using laser projectors of top international brand Christie is the first one in Zhenjiang market. Laser projection combines ultimate colors, high uniformity, clarity and brightness together perfectly and provides the viewers with clearer movie images, so that movie fans can enjoy a better watching experience. Recently, X-Men, World of Warcraft and many other Hollywood movies will be released, so Suning Cinema will also bring the local movie fans a special watching experience.

China’s movie market is prosperous now. The number of movie theaters all over China has reached nearly 7,000. It is expected that this year the box office income will exceed RMB 60 billion and the number of audience will be nearly 2 billion. Watching movies in cinema has become a normal consumption for ordinary consumers. Suning has been trying to provide every ordinary consumer with the best consumption experience; and this time Suning is optimistic about the potential of cultural industry and starts the layout of cinema terminal market. We believe the future market of Chinese cinema with Suning’s participation will get more prosperous.

Suning Media & Entertainment Group is founded in 2016, with businesses covering new media, cinema, and video entertainment. It is committed to the cross-border integrated operation of different fields. In the aspect of new media, PPTV, which was just renamed as PPLive, has announced to pay huge amount of money to get the exclusive new media right in mainland China for the movie "World of Warcraft". In the aspect of store, Suning Cinemas are gradually distributed nationwide. Suning’s layout in the film and television industry is increasingly clear. The opening of Zhenjiang Suning Cinema also indicates that Suning takes all efforts in the transition layout of six major industries.

Suning was founded in 1990. As the largest commercial enterprise in China, it’s ranked among the top three of Chinese private enterprises. Along with rapid economic development in China, regarding "leading the industry ecosystem and creating high-quality life" as the task, Suning took opportunities to extend from retail distribution to six industries including Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, Investment,Financial Services and Sports, to provide hundreds of millions of users with a range of goods and services for food, clothes and shelter. As an advocate of O2O retail in China, Suning is expected to lead China's cultural creativity market to a new summit with its distinct "culture + retail" model along with in-depth understanding of the industry in the cultural field.

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